elcome to the Official Web page of JetC. You must be wondering "What is JetC?". Well it's an email list created by Natasha Tavares and Celia Brouillette. Just like the name says, it's about Janeway and Chakotay getting together. (JetC = Janeway et (is French for and) Chakotay) But then again if you don't know Star Trek, you will have problems understanding who Janeway and Chakotay are. You see, you need to know what Star Trek is to understand our concept!

As you can see, the webpage changed again, to know all about the new changes made to the webpage, click on the link What's new on top of the page. I call it spring cleaning but everything you liked about this page is still there, the good old links, how to join, the Facts ( still Graphics intense!!!), the chat room and of course the guestbook ( don't be afraid to let me your comments there!! I like to read those, even more when I just redid the webpage)

Now I'll let your explore the new page, have fun!

This site was opened on November 27th 1996
and updated July 4th 2000

You are the to visit the JetC homepage since July 10th 1997!

This page's graphics and Html were done by Celia Brouillette

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